Discount Oil for Huntington NY


Huntington Petroleum Distributors was started in 1981 as a C O D fuel delivery company. Our philosophy is simple. We offer great prices for fuel oil to consumers that are local. We don’t overextend ourselves into areas that we need to charge more for because of the time and labor it costs to get there.

Our COD prices are extremely competitive. There is no way companies could ever beat us by much in price because noone is giving their fuel away! The way the game goes, one day we may have the lowest price and the next day another company might have a slightly lower price. You can be assured of one thing though with us. You are getting a ridiculously low price for oil every time. We adjust our price to stay on the cutting edge of the industry daily so rest assured you are getting a great deal on your oil purchase. We are sure we have one of the best prices available anywhere. How? Because we stay local and keep our costs down.

We offer other services to assist consumers even more than offering cut rate prices on oil. We offer membership in a buying group* for our customers that want to get service contracts and still take advantage of lower oil prices. How do we do it? Again, we stay local! Less travel reduces costs and increases the speed the service technicians can arrive at your house should your system fail. We know there isn’t much that compares with freezing in the middle of the night at your own house, waiting for someone you have never met before to come and fix you system. Our system helps reduce the time waiting for service and your cost as well. Also, our technicians have been with us for decades, so you’ll get to know us.  No more revolving door of technicians at your house.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The price for oil in our buying group is the same as our normal COD oil prices, and there is an annual $199.99 (+tax) membership fee. You won’t need to fear freezing at home anymore because service contracts and oil prices are too costly. Take control over the situation and do what you need to do. With either COD oil from us or getting service through or buying club, we can satisfy everyone. If you sign up with us, you’ll save hundreds on the price of oil yearly, and get top notch service too.


* Customers’ heating systems must be inspected and approved prior to admittance into the program. All existing problems must be repaired prior to acceptance.  Membership into the buyers club is $199.99 per year and includes a 24/7 service contract (for labor) and our COD oil prices. Any parts used for services will be charged at cost with no markup. We also include a yearly tune up / maintenance that includes a free nozzle, strainer, and filter. Any other parts will be charged at cost. Customer must accept being on automatic delivery. Credit or debit cards must be on file and will be pre-authorized and charged the day of delivery or service. Valid credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. For more details please call our office – 631-423-1134