Discount Oil for Huntington NY


Our delivery range is all of Huntington Township, New York and some surrounding areas. Please check our delivery area / range before calling. Do you want a free service contract with 24/7 service that also averages 15 - 25 cents off retail cost per gallon? Click here to learn more!.
Amount (in Gallons) Price per gallon Subtotal Tax (2.5%) Cash price
50 $4.249 $212.45 $5.31 $217.76
100 $3.799 $379.90 $9.50 $389.40
150 $3.779 $566.85 $14.17 $581.02
200 $3.759 $751.80 $18.80 $770.60
300 $3.739 $1,121.70 $28.04 $1,149.74
500 $3.719 $1,859.50 $46.49 $1,905.99
Call for our buyers club oil price that includes 24/7 service

Call Now! 631-423-1134

Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5 PM

This price page is only valid for the date listed at the top of this post. If the post you see isn't the correct date, then please check our COD oil homepage. If the current date isn't listed then please call the office number 631-423-1134. We are not responsible for any errors made by not reading this warning. We accept Mastercard and Visa. Payments can be made in cash or via credit card. All Suffolk County sales and some Nassau County sales are subject to an oil tax of 2.5%. Posted price is only valid for the day listed. We can't always promise same day delivery so please call in advance. Commercial accounts must call ahead due to different taxes.


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